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Oy Bengal Trading Ltd. Ab is basically an import, export, trading & consulting company founded in 1993 by Engr. Mahmud Bhuiyan & Engr. Mozammel Bhuiyan – both brothers as Bangladeshi expatriates graduated from Helsinki University of Technology (currently part of AALTO University) in 1995. The company is registered in Helsinki (Finland) and has been in operation since the registration day with good reputation. The mission of the company is to improve human living condition around the globe, promoting green and blue business concepts with social commitments.

Oy Bengal Trading Ltd. Ab has developed extensive contacts and marketing networks in Finland, Bangladesh, UAE, Kenya, Turkey, Japan and other European countries. The company primarily imports: process foods, packaging materials, garments and household products in Finland. The company is also involved in exporting used paper machine, engineering equipment, industrial machineries, forest products and technological know-how from Finland to South East Asia and so on. The company has long experience in representing several multinational companies such as: Kemira Agro, Pöyry, UPM, Setec, Mint of Finland, Valio Engineering, Helsinki Water, Hesburger, PRAN-RFL Group etc.  

At present, the company is investing mainly in importation and wholesale of consumer goods from Asia, building a integrated future business platform called ATBT Finland Oy, creating a Finnish water brand called ‘FinlandWater1®’ and also having a fast-food raw materials processing related R&D project in Gazipur, Bangladesh etc.

One of the founders of Oy Bengal Trading Ltd. Ab Engr. Mozammel Bhuiyan was awarded the Leading Engineers of the World Award in 2008 by the International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England in the field of Process Engineering and Materials Science.

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