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 UNESCO ranks Finland water as best water in the world

In March 2003 UNESCO presented a report to the 3rd World Water Forum in Kyoto Japan.  They evaluated the situation in 122 countries regarding the quality of water and according to the report, the best water in the world is found in Finland.  Our Natural Mineral Water’s favorable effects on human health are simply great.

Our premium water is best for your health because this Natural Mineral Water has a unique mineral balance. Its low sodium content and balanced mineral composition make it well suited for everyone including mothers and babies. FinlandWater1® bottled right at the source and it is completely untouched by man throughout the process, so you can enjoy its naturally pure and refreshing taste.

FinlandWater1® is the pure water from the virgin nature of Finland. It’s a genuine natural product, with a taste of the freshness from the land of a thousand lakes, the dewdrops from bright summer nights and the snowflakes crystallized by frost. FinlandWater1® is a pure enjoyment from the clean Finnish nature.


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