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ATBT Finland Oy

ATBT FINLAND OY is registered in Finland as a future business platform for the below Business activities:

Import, export, sales, marketing, advertising, media, branding, printing, publication, retailing, wholesale, trading, engineering, consulting, education, manpower, training, financing, management, services, telecommunications, information technology, computer software, electronics, energy, industry, infrastructure, hotel, resort, travel, tourism, real-estate, petroleum, chemicals, paper, pulp, timber, automobiles, transport, logistics, accessories, building materials, paints, plastic, household, handicrafts, furniture, toys, garments, fashion wear, footwear, hygiene, cleaning, gardening, interior, hairdressing, jewelry, metal products, works of art, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, agriculture, environmental technology, food, water, beverages, drinks, and as well as the operation of restaurants and kiosks and all other business activities which are legal in Finland. 


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